Ron DeSantis has absurd January 6th meltdown

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been having a rough go of it lately, to put it mildly. He disappeared from public view for weeks as his state was ravaged by a COVID surge and a total lack of available testing, only to emerge in public this week while sounding like he may be ill himself.

Now DeSantis is going berserk over January 6th, accusing the media of treating it like “Christmas” in terms of ratings, and insisting that the media’s coverage of it is “nauseating.” He also said he’s not concerned about the Capitol attack.

Really? This was a domestic terrorist attack aimed at murdering and overthrowing the highest ranking elected officials in the United States government. We get why Ron DeSantis wants to downplay it; Donald Trump incited the attack and his supporters carried it out, and of course DeSantis has based his entire political career on mimicking Trump and pandering to Trump’s base.


But while it would be one thing for DeSantis to simply act like January 6th never happened, his approach here is nothing short of idiotic. He’s handing his opponents and adversaries an easy way to convince voters in the middle that he’s unfit for office. DeSantis keeps making the mistake of pandering to Trump’s base at the expense of voters in the middle, which is why he’s so vulnerable when it comes to reelection in Florida in 2022.

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