Marjorie Taylor Greene’s bad week just got even worse for her

The multi-colored streamers were out. The champagne glasses were filled to the brim. Across the vast space known as Twitter, people partied into the wee hours, celebrating the end of the thunderstorm. But it wasn’t over yet.

As Twitter leads, so Meta dutifully follows. And there was more lightning to come. Facebook (calls itself Meta these days) was the next to remove the toxic human chemical known as Marjorie Taylor Greene. Now Meta did not ban the blonde cyclone. Instead, they removed one of her posts.

“A post violated our policies, and we have removed it, but removing her account for this violation is beyond the scope of our policies,” Meta explained. Faster than one could say “melt-down,” Greene lost it.

“Facebook has joined Twitter in censoring me,” the tyrannical woman wailed on Gettr and Telegram.


The melt-down was epic, and making it even brighter is the fact that assolini got involved and called the social media platform “low-life Twitter.” Meanwhile, the Twitter universe received the Facebook news with joy — and continued their celebration, happy in the knowledge that the Twitter divorce was permanent.

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