It’s all about to land on Roger Stone’s head

Over the past two months we’ve seen Special Counsel Robert Mueller go after one Roger Stone associate after another, involving everything from subpoenas to detentions at airports. It’s very much looked like Mueller was targeting Stone for his role in the Trump-Russia election conspiracy. But some have asked if it’s possible that, because these political garbage dump types are all connected to each other, Mueller was targeting them all for some other reason. Now we no longer have any doubt that Stone is the target.

Mueller has already brought in Stone’s former protege Sam Nunberg to testify before a grand jury, which famously resulted in Nunberg’s defiant meltdown on cable news just before he went ahead and reluctantly testified. Mueller has also already brought in another Stone associate, Ted Malloch, to testify. It appears Muller also has the cooperation of a third Stone associate, Randy Credico. But now things are hitting much closer to home.

Now Mueller has subpoenaed the social media consultant for Roger Stone’s pro-Trump Super PAC, according to a new Politico report. Even if there was a small chance that these other Stone-conneceted witnesses were being hauled in for other reasons, there’s no doubt as to why the people running Stone’s Super PAC are being brought in. So now we know without a doubt that this is all about to land on Roger Stone’s head. The question is when and how.

It’s clear that the Roger Stone grand jury is hitting close to home, as you can’t get much closer than the people working directly under him. So it appears the process is near its end. That said, the social media guy hasn’t yet testified, so there’s still a little longer to wait. But the outcome is easy enough to predict. Federal grand juries deliver indictments far greater than 99% of the time, so we’re looking at Stone being indicted and arrested. Then Mueller will try to convince him to cut a plea deal against Donald Trump.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report