GOP Congress panics and throws Donald Trump even further under the bus

Yesterday Palmer Report brought you the surprising story of how two different Republican-controlled Senate committees opted to throw Donald Trump under the bus in two different ways on the same day. We pointed out that this could not have been coincidence, and that it meant GOP leaders are distancing themselves from Trump’s scandals because they know something we don’t. Now yet another congressional committee, this time in the House, has made a strong move against Trump.

Trump announced earlier this week that he was planning to help the government of China bail out its shady and failing cellphone company ZTE. Then we learned that the Chinese government had just sunk half a billion dollars into Trump’s real estate project in Indonesia. In other words, China personally bribed Trump to get him to help ZTE in return. ZTE is such a uniquely criminal company, the United States has sanctions in place against it. It turns out the GOP wants nothing to do with Trump’s latest antics.

The House Appropriations Committee has unanimously voted to keep U.S. sanctions in place against ZTE. This means that every Republican on the committee voted to keep the sanctions, even though Donald Trump has made clear that he wants the sanctions eased. This comes shortly after the Senate Intelligence Committee released a report admitting that Russia meddling in the election in Trump’s favor. This also comes after the Senate Judiciary Committee released the transcript of Donald Trump Jr’s prior testimony, which will help Robert Mueller build his criminal case against Junior.

So now three different congressional committee have made unmistakably anti-Trump moves in the past two days. All three of these committees are Republican controlled. Palmer Report has predicted all along that the Republican Congress would begin to move against Trump if and only if he became so radioactive that the GOP feared being dragged down with him. The Republicans clearly know something we don’t, and based on how quickly they’re moving against Trump, they must be expecting it to drop soon.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report