Roger Stone circles the drain

Every day that passes brings us one day closer to Donald Trump’s inevitable ouster from power. Despite the multitude of Trump apologists claiming otherwise on conservative television and radio, thanks to the the combination of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team and the New York Attorney General, Trump will certainly die penniless in prison. While it is currently unclear which former Trump associate will be the one to bring him down, thanks to the sheer number of plea deals in place, it is safe to say that person has already worked closely with Mueller’s team.

Most political pundits predict that the next Trump associate to be indicted by Muller will be Roger Stone. Palmer Report has long documented the trials and tribulations of Stone’s likely downfall. Despite everything that has already surfaced, Stone continues to profess his innocence. A large part of Stone’s repudiation of the claims hinges on his denial of having been involved with direct conversations with WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange.

Unfortunately for Stone, emails recently obtained by ABC News dispute all of his claims. In a July 31, 2016 email, Stone attempts to use Jerome Corsi, a self-proclaimed conspiracy theorist, as a go-between for himself and Assange. “Malloch should see Assange,” Stone emailed Corsi, referencing the conservative author Ted Malloch.

Despite multiple claims by Stone that he had no advance knowledge of the WikiLeaks dumps of emails stolen from the Democratic National Committee, documents obtained by ABC show that interaction between Stone and his intermediaries to Assange occurred just prior to critical times in Trump’s presidential campaign. According to ABC News, “some Democrats have alleged Stone gave cues to WikiLeaks to publish stolen documents at key moments when the Trump campaign needed to distract attention from bad news for the candidate.”

Despite the evidence, Roger Stone continues to insist he’s innocent. With regard to his efforts to interact with Assange or Kremlin agents, Stone responded with “My 24 word exchange with someone on Twitter claiming to be Guccifer 2.0 is benign based on its content, context and timing.” While Stone can continue to deny the facts, Mueller is closing in on him, and the rest of Trump’s inner circle every day.