Enough with this nonsense about Rod Rosenstein resigning

It’s happened yet again tonight. Someone has told a major media outlet that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is about to resign, and that media outlet has giddily reported the story as if it were fact, even though it’s obvious that the story is a load of horse crap.

Every few months, this same cycle repeats itself. It’s the same story about Rod Rosenstein resigning, and it never ends up happening. It’s painfully obvious by now that the “source” is Donald Trump and/or his own people, because Trump wishes Rosenstein would resign, and he figures the best way to destabilize Rosenstein’s position is to create the false narrative that he’s about to resign.

The last time this nonsense happened in early January, Rod Rosenstein let it be known through his associates that he wasn’t going anywhere until after Robert Mueller finished his work. Yet even after Rosenstein shot down the report about his imminent resignation, most major media outlets continued to cite the false report.

Now we have yet another report about Rod Rosenstein resigning, and it’s as clear as ever that the people reporting the story never even so much as asked Rosenstein about whether it’s true. Enough of this nonsense. The media keeps putting out this crap about Rosenstein because it’s scary, and therefore great for ratings – but it’s about as credible as the major media reports every few weeks that Donald Trump is about to fire Robert Mueller and/or magically pardon everyone at any moment.