Donald Trump has deranged late night meltdown about going to the bathroom

Donald Trump is having a bad day, to put it mildly. His threats against Alec Baldwin didn’t get him anywhere. His buddy Roger Stone just finished himself off by making threats against a federal judge, thus probably increasing the odds that Stone will end up desperately flipping on Trump to try to save himself. So how is Trump handling things? By tweeting about – we’re not kidding about this – going to the bathroom.

Even as former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was airing Donald Trump’s dirty laundry tonight for all to see, Trump was busy tweeting this: “Remember this, Andrew McCabe didn’t go to the bathroom without the approval of Leakin’ James Comey!” Hey look, Trump made a joke. Go to the bathroom. Leakin’. We get it. The thing is, no one is laughing – at least not for the reasons Trump wishes people were laughing.

Donald Trump is a guy who is closer than ever to being ousted and sent to prison. Skeptics said Paul Manafort would never go down, but he’s currently rotting away behind bars. Those same skeptics then said Roger Stone would never go down, but his life is now also over. There’s no reason to expect that Trump won’t end up suffering the same fate. Perhaps that’s why Trump has been going to uniquely bonkers all evening.

It’s not just the bathroom joke. Donald Trump also retweeted a video of a guy bouncing a ball on his head, which Trump thought was “Amazing!” The trouble: the person Trump retweeted appears to be a participant in a Bitcoin scam. Hey, Trump sure can pick ’em. We think Trump’s tweets tonight are a bunch of crap.