Robert Mueller has three C’s for taking down Donald Trump

The three C’s are haunting Donald Trump. They are collusion, collaboration and corruption – all related to his Russian ties. In one speech, he denied collusion with Russian election interference sixteen times in thirty minutes. In that same speech Trump declared that even if he did collude, that is not a crime. Based on factual reports about meetings with the Russians and Trump’s team, there is enough obvious collusion to prove him a liar – and lying to authorities is a crime.

Collaboration, in this case, means to team up with the Russians. Again, we have heard Trump’s lies about his Russian comrades and his stellar team of consorts. The facts of secret meetings, mounting indictments and reported surveillance have shown that Trump repeatedly covers up and lies about collaboration with the Russians. And, again, lying to authorities is a crime.

Corruption has yet to draw the typical fierce and repetitive Trump denials but that is likely because the charge of corruption typically involves bribery and Trump may not be ready to wander down that road.

There is no doubt Robert Mueller is on the trail of Donald Trump – and closing, fast. He is coming from directions that Trump may not have anticipated. Excellent examples of collusion and collaboration have frequently been reported in the news. Any thinking person would have to conclude that Trump has colluded and collaborated with the Russians to alter the outcome of the 2016 election. But it is going to be corruption that will finally show Trump supporters who this guy really is. Trump may not be a “stable genius” but he is smart enough to know that Mueller is following the money, which leads to Trump’s corruption. No one will be pleased to know that the President of the United States has been bought and paid for by the Russians.

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