Donald Trump is hearing footsteps from Rick Gates

– Donald Trump is insisting Biden has cognitive issues, yet in his rally speech in Florida today, Trump appeared to give away that he thinks Rick Scott, Rick Gates, and Matt Gaetz are the same person. That’s fascinating considering Trump knows all three of them personally.

– It’s fitting that Trump suddenly has Rick Gates on his mind, considering Rick Gates ended up going to prison, and Trump is headed there if he loses. It’s as if Trump’s mind is now flashing back to just how many of his own people went to prison, and the fact that the only reason Trump isn’t in prison yet is that he’s still in office.

– Trump is now threatening to fire the Governor of Florida, which he can’t do. So that’s how Trump’s day is going. Not that we would mind at all if Florida Governor Ron DeSantis lost his job.

– Just how much disarray is the Trump 2020 campaign in? Axios has a surreal series of quotes and leaks from Trump campaign advisers, detailing a flaming cesspool of indecision, delusion, and outright desperation as time runs out.

– Tweet of the day, from Senator Maggie Hassan: “I’m voting NO on Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to the Supreme Court. Senate Republicans are inappropriately rushing this process, and I’m deeply concerned by Barrett’s limited view of Americans’ civil rights.”

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