Mitch McConnell just hung Donald Trump out to dry

After flip flopping several times over the past two weeks, Donald Trump has now decided that he wants to do a last minute coronavirus economic stimulus package just before the election, in the hope it’ll boost his sinking prospects of winning.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been willing to negotiate such a stimulus with Trump, because the American people need the help, and this shouldn’t be about politics. Accordingly, Pelosi and Trump’s guy Mnuchin are coming closer on stimulus numbers. But here’s the thing: Mitch McConnell still says he won’t allow the Senate to pass a major stimulus bill before the election, no matter what.

To be clear, McConnell is hanging Trump out to dry. Trump thinks he needs this stimulus package to give him any chance of winning, and yet McConnell isn’t willing to give it to him. McConnell appears to have concluded that Trump is going to lose no matter what, and accordingly, McConnell appears to want to hang onto the money and steer it toward the wealthy instead.

This doesn’t automatically mean that Donald Trump is going to lose. The bottom line is that voter turnout, and not Mitch McConnell’s spidey sense, is what will decide the outcome of this election. Let’s turn out in huge numbers to make sure Trump really does lose.

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