Resistance is anything but futile

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Star Trek had a villain named the Borg. They were cold, robotic, devoid of anything approaching wit or humor or self awareness. Yet they still managed to be slightly more charming than Donald Trump. Here’s the thing about the Borg. Their mantra, whenever they were trying to convince free thinkers to give up, was “resistance is futile.” But no matter how often they said that phrase, they never ended up winning in the long run. And that was kind of the point.

The Borg would tell you that “resistance is futile” because they were hoping you’d just lie down and allow yourself to be conquered. The kicker was that from a tactical standpoint, they didn’t even need to say this; they outgunned every free thinking opponent they ever faced. But they said it anyway, as if they felt they needed to convince themselves that their own victory was inevitable. It never was.

Now that Donald Trump has bought himself a temporary reprieve by having his own newly handpicked Attorney General William Barr falsely characterize the Mueller report in laughable fashion, Trump has begun telling us all that we should just give up. He’s going to take our health insurance away, he’s somehow going to fire the Congressman he doesn’t like, he’s even going to kill off the Special Olympics, and we should all just let him do it, because he’s going to magically win anyway.

The kicker is that this is coming from a businessman who has gone bankrupt six times, and a president who is historically unpopular. This guy doesn’t win; he just occasionally finagles his way into brief moments of not-losing, during the course of a lifetime of repeatedly losing over and over and over again. If Donald Trump is on solid ground for the moment, and that’s questionable to begin with, it won’t last long. It never does with this guy. Resistance is anything but futile, because the Resistance is up against a guy who loses far more often than he wins.

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