This whole thing is for April Fools

It’s April 1st, and the President of the United States is a mentally unstable reality show host whose only friend is Kim Jong-Un. Welcome to the only day of the year that does make sense anymore. The most surreal part of all of this comes when you try to figure out who the joke is on.

On the one hand you’ve got Donald Trump, a man whose prospects have sunk so low, he considers it a “victory” that he’s managed to temporarily suppress a four hundred page report that documents his crime spree. He’s accomplished zero positive things in office. Polls show that most Americans disapprove of him, most Americans think he’s a criminal, and most Americans want him gone.

Dnoald Trump wakes up every day hoping that today isn’t the day that the Mueller report surfaces, or that his financial ties to Russia are exposed, or that the teetering underpinnings of his massively indebted real estate empire collapse, or that New York State drops criminal indictments on his head. He’s a joke, and in his most lucid moments, even he surely knows he’s a joke.

On the other hand you’ve got mainstream America, a country whose prospects have sunk so low, the majority of people in the country consider it a “victory” whenever the President of the United States is thwarted. America’s biggest aspiration right now is to prevent the President from destroying as many things as he says he wants to destroy. Trump is a joke, but the joke is on America. The good news is, America can outlast him.

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