Donald Trump goes completely berserk after being advised to resign

Now that Donald Trump has lost reelection, been impeached twice, and is facing near certain criminal prosecution for crimes including incitement of insurrection, his last best option might be to resign. After all, his pardon will have better odds of holding up if it comes from Mike Pence than if it comes from Trump himself.

The trouble is, Trump is in such a self destructive mindset, CNN says he went completely berserk after some of his advisers told him to resign so Pence could pardon him. When they brought up the Nixon-Ford example, Trump insisted that they never bring up Nixon again. Trump also said that he doesn’t think Pence would pardon him anyway.

So there you have it. Donald Trump’s own people are telling him to resign because it’s his best chance of staying out of prison, and instead of considering their helpful advice, he’s going berserk. Fortunately, this clown will be gone in just six days.

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