Donald Trump’s utter humiliation

In addition to the humiliation of Donald Trump leaving the White House as the only president to be impeached twice, now he’s officially the first president since Herbert Hoover to leave office with more people unemployed than when he started, with abysmal unemployment numbers. This tears down yet another Trumper argument – the low unemployment numbers they boasted about early on in his term.

The really devastating number, particularly because it’s directly opposed to one of Trump’s key promises from 2016 – is the current national deficit level: $3.1 trillion since October. That’s more than double the record national deficit from 2009 at the peak of the Great Recession, and a favorite talking point of the Tea Party as it sent a wave of its members to Congress. Of course, now we also have Rush Limbaugh on record saying that deficits never mattered, confirming what we always knew about the GOP in the first place.

This comes at a time when President-elect Joe Biden is proposing a sizable $2 billion new stimulus deal for COVID relief before Congress – when we are likely to see a few Republicans suddenly show concern once again about increased government spending, even when it benefits people directly – and a recession with massive unemployment is only one of three national crises that Biden is going to inherit from the outgoing Trump administration. Before the next batch of elections, it’s time to retire the age-old myth that Republicans are good for the economy – especially since the evidence has never been more obvious.

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