Report: Donald Trump is privately being “advised to resign” by his own allies

Donald Trump is sick with coronavirus, drugged out of his mind on steroids, holed up in the White House, rage tweeting as it all falls apart for him. Most of his closest advisers are also ill with coronavirus. And new polling suggests he may be on tract to lose by double digits.

Now comes word that things may be afoot behind the scenes. Jon Cooper, formerly of the Democratic Coalition, tweeted this tonight: “Trump is being advised to resign in honor rather than leave in defeat. He fears prison. He wants to maintain campaign, but without Hicks, Conway & Miller, he’s done. He’s really alone. He must be speaking with Pence about a pardon.”

Take this with whatever grain of salt you like, but it certainly seems plausible. Donald Trump is now on track to lose in humiliating fashion, and perhaps drop dead in the process. He has no path forward. Even if he’s too far gone to understand that it’s over for him, his allies would want to save him the humiliation.

That said, we’re not sure Donald Trump will take their advice. Even if Pence were to blanket pardon Trump on federal charges, like Ford did for Nixon, that wouldn’t protect Trump from the state charges he’s facing in New York. That said, Trump is running out of options by the hour – and the longer he tries to drag this out, the worse it’ll end for him.

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