Republicans in disarray

When CNN asked Republican Senator Ben Sasse about whether Trump should formally concede to President-elect Biden, Sasse said “got nothing for you, man.” No really, that was the quote. At this point the Republicans are in disarray. They’re still afraid to side against Trump, for fear of what’s left of his base. But they’re also afraid to side with Trump at this point, for fear it’ll work against them later on, after Trump finishes flaming out.

There’s no right answer for the Republicans right now when it comes to the Trump question, and they know it, which is why we’re seeing people like Sasse just shrug at the impossible nature of their situation. It won’t get easier for them.

– What’s the difference between Donald Trump and the turkey he just pardoned? The turkey isn’t also facing state charges, so the turkey will still be free by this time next year.

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