Donald Trump makes bizarre desperation move after he realizes it’s all over for him

When the GSA began the transition to President-elect Biden, and Donald Trump publicly signaled his support for the move, it meant the end of his ability to argue that he’s still somehow magically going to win the election. Trump didn’t necessarily seem to understand this, as he’s since thrown a number of Twitter tantrums about how he didn’t really admit he lost. Not things are getting weird.

The news broke today that Rudy Giuliani is meeting with Pennsylvania’s Republican legislators at a Wyndham hotel on Wednesday, to brief them on his latest phony conspiracy theories about the election. As a practical matter, this is going nowhere. Pennsylvania already certified its results statewide on Tuesday; game over. These low level Pennsylvania Republicans are only taking this meeting with crackpot Rudy because they figure it might get them somewhere personally. But now CNN and the New York Times are reporting that Trump is planning to attend as well.

This is surreal. Donald Trump has consistently remained far removed from Rudy’s post-election antics, presumably because he didn’t want to suffer the embarrassment of being seen as being directly involved in it. Now Trump has apparently decided he wants to take over this dumpster fire himself.

This is consistent with Trump’s pattern of tepidly and indecisively waiting far too long to take action on something, only to then try to belatedly jump into the fray after he realizes it’s too late. So it’s not necessarily surprising. But it suggests Trump is now so aware that he’s lost the election and that his life is going down the tubes, he’s willing to completely humiliate himself just to take a belated fantasy stab at magically turning it around. This is just pathetic.

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