Republicans get desperate about the midterms

As the midterms draw nearer, you would think that Republicans would want to paint themselves as the moderate alternative. You would be wrong, however. Their popular strategy to winning has always been to paint Democrats as extreme as possible, with inept policies that will damage the economy. These days, Democrats don’t have to really do much painting to make the Republicans look like that – particularly as the GOP strategy has changed – to invite as many dangerous extremists as possible out of the woodwork to take up their cause, as they desperately cling to power.

Although the media puts the spotlight on lunatics like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert, those are hardly the only racists within the GOP’s ranks – something made clear in Pennsylvania as several Republican candidates have enlisted the aid of a Bryan G. Rudnick, who runs LGM Consulting, a notorious anti-Semite who compared Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential bid to the rise of Hitler. It’s yet another reminder that the party has embraced bigotry well before Donald Trump ever thought of running for president, and they’ve just become more comfortable letting their true colors show.


What this certainly shouldn’t inspire in our side is complacency that Democrats will simply make gains in 2022 and that these moves will add to the GOP’s loss. It means we need to be more motivated than ever to defeat any reps who use Rudnick’s services and push ourselves into a winner’s mentality – thinking what can Democrats do with even bigger majorities in the House and Senate in 2022, and then do what we can to campaign for Democrats across the board and register new voters to hold both houses of Congress.

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