The fall of Ron DeSantis

It’s happening. What’s that? I am speaking of the fall of Governor Ron DeSantis. If one were to go back in time, one would find it difficult to find any news organization that predicted this would happen — except for Palmer Report. And now here it is.

DeSantis is now flailing in real-time. I must admit I find it amusing to watch the Floridian Governor fall to pieces. What is NOT amusing is watching him kill people in Florida. What is HORRIFIC is seeing all the death. And now he is turning his wrath on teachers.

DeSantis is threatening to withhold the salaries of any teachers who enforce mask mandates. Sometimes it is surreal watching these GOP idiots self-destruct. DeSantis would put the lives of people — especially innocent and helpless children in danger all to be right and prove — prove what exactly? That he’s an idiot?

I am going to make a prediction. It will not be long before his situation worsens — assuming he does not do something to fix the mess he is in.

The possibility of litigation against the Governor is a real possibility, and I predict it will happen soon.

Malice aforethought is defined as “the conscious intent to cause death or great bodily harm to another person before a person commits the crime.”

There most definitely is malice aforethought in the case of DeSantis.

There will undoubtedly be more illness and MANY angry family members should he persist in his reckless disregard for the safety and well-being of others. Remember the story of Icarus? I have told that story in my writings many times. For Icarus, it was all about arrogance and hubris. His fall was tragic, but it could have been prevented.


Such is the case with DeSantis. He could stop the treachery now and save many lives doing it. Will he? Or will he continue to fall towards the bottom, locked in his hubris, clothed in his arrogance? The choice is his. I am not so sure he will make the right decision.

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