Donald Trump’s remaining apologists aren’t going to like what comes next

What Donald Trump’s remaining apologists still don’t get is that if you keep standing next to Hitler, you might as well be Hitler. Trump will be gone soon, and without him around to protect them, his apologists are about to find out just how unwelcome they are in post-Trump polite society.

This doesn’t apply to Trump’s people who have already turned against him and tried to take him down. They can be graded on a curve, depending on how much of an effort they made. But for the people who stood with him to the end, there can be no “redemption” after the fact. They had their chance to speak up while it mattered. We can’t treat them like heroes simply because they write an anti-Trump book once he loses, after they tried to prop him up all the way to the end.

Of course this only matters if we turn out and vote in the numbers that we say we’re going to turn out in. If we stay home instead of voting, these monsters remain in power forever instead of becoming the shamed outcasts they deserve to be.

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