Ships leaving a sinking rat

It’s becoming a common forecast. The one that says if you think the Blue Wave in 2018 was spectacular, get ready for the Blue Tsunami in November. But what about the Red Shift? I’m referring to the phenomenon that will come as a direct result of the Blue Tsunami. I’m referring to scores of White House employees and Republicans in the House and Senate who will wake up Wednesday morning, the fourth of November, and find themselves out of a job. Get ready for the Red Shift, the Republican Two-Step.

Look for the dawning of a new religion. Suddenly, they will see the light. Suddenly, they will all be trying to out-humble each other in their headlong rush to publish mea culpas, self-justifications and proofs that they were really working, Schindler-like, all along to undermine the totalitarian juggernaut they found themselves shackled to against their collective wills.

Some will be hamfisted and obvious, like Himmler donning the guise of a common soldier. Some will be persuasive and fool many, like the cold, calculating, manipulating Albert Speer. Some will be opportunists who will take full advantage of their positions, like Werner Von Braun with his technical know-how. A minority, like Josef Goebbells, will douse themselves in gasoline and self-immolate. But most will go scurrying headlong to the exits with ink newly drying on publisher contracts and a newfound mission to recast themselves as majestic ships abandoning a sinking rat.

The Day of Reckoning is coming. Republicans are justly, predictably scared. I don’t mind telling you that I look forward to that day with more than a little anticipatory schadenfreude. I can’t wait to see a lot of smug smiles wiped off of scores of arrogant, slappable faces.

But it isn’t just our right but our sacred duty to remember what these people have done to us. How close they came to permanently ruining our majestic republic enshrined in our sacred Constitution. It is also our duty to remember what they would have done had they won. If you think things are bad now, imagine how bad they would be in another four years in the very same hands of these very same rapacious Republicans.

That is why it will become the obligation of the new, incoming DOJ, no longer indentured to wet nurse work for an infantile president, to restore justice to the Department of Justice. Many people need to go to prison, starting with the Criminal-in-Chief, Donald Trump.

Those who are young enough will learn what it will be like to grow up in the midst of a new, younger generation, a generation that learned to hate them from infancy. They will be like old Nazis negotiating a brand new Germany risen from the ashes. Theirs will become a justly infamous existence where they will die in reviled obscurity.

Let’s make it so. Vote them out in November, vote out the poison, the divisiveness, the hate-tweeting and the arrogance. Vote out the self-righteousness, vote out the virtue-signalling, pearl-clutching, fear-mongering, shape-shifting, nest-feathering, influence-peddling lot of them. Let’s clean the house and let’s do it in November. And, as ever, ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, comrades and friends, stay safe.

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