Donald Trump fires his own personal assistant who’s under criminal investigation, immediately rehires him

Donald Trump’s reshuffling of the Titanic deck chairs continues. This morning he fired Rex Tillerson, ensuring that Tillerson will go down as the only U.S. Secretary of State who was chosen by Vladimir Putin, and the only U.S. Secretary of State who was fired via Twitter. That is, of course, unless Trump ends up firing his new Secretary of State Mike Pompeo via tweet as well. It’s all overshadowed another major personnel scandal with serious criminal implications.

Trump’s own White House personal assistant John McEntee was fired today and escorted out of the building by security. Why? He couldn’t pass a security clearance background check because he’s under some sort of criminal investigation into his finances, according to a CNN report (link). But immediately after McEntee was marched out of the White House for being a security risk and alleged criminal, he was hired by a new employer, also named Donald Trump.

That’s right, Trump has quickly rehired McEntee, this time to work for his 2020 reelection campaign, according to a New York Times report (link). So this merely represents more reshuffling of the deck chairs on Trump’s part. But it raises a number of crucial questions. If the ongoing criminal investigation into McEntee means he’s too much of a security risk to work in the White House, how is he not too much of a security risk to work for a presidential reelection campaign? And why is Trump filling his 2020 campaign ranks with so many shady characters?

The latter question appears to be the entire point. As we’ve explained, there is no Donald Trump 2020 reelection campaign. The entire thing is a farce for raising funds from his base; the New York Times reported last month that Trump is spending much of these funds on paying his Trump-Russia legal bills. Trump is adding McEntee to his “reelection campaign” staff shortly after he also hired Trump-Russia figure Brad Parscale and human garbage can Katrina Pierson as well. He’s using the fake 2020 campaign as a way of putting certain shady people on the payroll so he can keep them loyal.

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