There’s something really, really weird going on with Donald Trump’s Twitter account

Donald Trump isn’t exactly having the best day. He’s taking heat for having fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson via Twitter this morning. He just had to fire his own personal assistant for being under criminal investigation. Robert Mueller has obtained a new cooperating witness against Trump and Roger Stone. So maybe Trump is just cracking up, and that’s what led to his idiotic Twitter blunder regarding the military today – or maybe his staff just blew it again.

Trump posted a tweet today which referred to the “Marine Core Air Station Miramar.” You don’t have to be a military person to know that it’s “Marine Corps” and not “Marine Core,” and that the (supposed) President of the United States is the last person on earth who should be getting that wrong. That tweet was then deleted a replaced with a corrected version a half hour later. This idiotic mistake falls into a recent pattern of very weird things happening with Trump’s Twitter account that may be the handiwork of whoever now counts as his inner circle.

Two weeks ago, Trump tweeted that he was headed to Billy Graham’s funeral, even though it had already ended. Last week Trump somehow tweeted the word “Epic” while he was giving a speech at a rally in Pennsylvania, which made clear that one of his staffers was behind this particular gaffe. That tweet was deleted after a few seconds, and then later a tweet about his speech was posted which had “Epic” as its first word. Now we have today’s incident. The “Marine Core” tweet included a photo, which usually (but not always) means that Trump’s staff tweeted it on his behalf.

So we’re looking at three bizarre incidents on Donald Trump’s Twitter account within the past two weeks, and some of them – maybe all of them – are the handiwork of a Trump staffer. Dan Scavino has long handled Trump’s transactional and event tweets, and he’s never been known to make these kinds of mistakes. Is Scavino cracking under the pressure, or does some new bumbling staffer have control of Trump’s Twitter account? What’s really going on here?

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