The real reason William Barr is doing what he’s doing

There currently seem to be two schools of thought on Attorney General William Barr’s handling of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s submission of his nearly two year Trump-Russia investigation. Some political analysts have suggested that Barr is secretly a “white hat” who is working behind the scenes to advance Mueller’s investigation without allowing Donald Trump to know the truth. There are still many others who continue to believe Barr was selected by Trump for the sole purpose of preventing Mueller from finishing his investigation and properly presenting his findings to the American people.

If Barr’s ultimate intention was to ensure Mueller’s investigation came to fruition, and make sure that the public could see the true results, he certainly played Trump for a fool. While Barr’s four-page “summary” of Mueller’s report claimed that there was no collusion or obstruction, we have no idea of what the report actually states. As Trump, and others of his ilk, continue to enjoy their perceived victory, most Americans are pushing to see the actual report before accepting the results.

By sending the unsolicited memo in June 2018 to senior DOJ officials, knowing that it would make its way to Trump, Barr practically ensured his appointment for Attorney General from Trump. Could Barr’s actions be a result of a long con? Despite previously helping the George H.W. Bush White House to shield itself from the Iran-Contra fallout, perhaps Barr has since come to the realization that supporting country over party is the best way to save one’s reputation.

When all the information and evidence are analyzed, the facts still lead us to believe that Barr was selected for his current position for only one reason. While Trump does everything in his power to hide the facts from the American people, much of what we will see in the near future is driven by Barr. If he chooses to hide the truth, we can be assured that Democrats in Congress will do everything to ensure the American people see all of the facts.

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