Donald Trump’s last stand

The only thing more dangerous than a rattled Donald Trump, who knew he was on the verge of ouster for his crimes? A newly emboldened Donald Trump who’s been given a window of opportunity to run roughshod over America, trying to get away with everything he can, while he still can, before it all comes crashing down on him. We now find ourselves facing our most dangerous days yet – but I still like America’s chances.

It’s not just that Robert Mueller’s incriminating report is now etched in stone and will eventually become public one way or the other. It’s not just that, regardless of what happens on a federal level, the New York Attorney General has made clear that she’ll bring all appropriate criminal indictments against Trump and his people – and those can’t be pardoned by Trump or any future president. Trump isn’t getting out of this; the only possible outcome for him is prison. And if you don’t believe that, it’s only because you’re giving in to pessimism and fear instead of paying attention to the facts. But it’s not just about what’ll happen to Trump. It’s about you.

You think things are dire now? Try to imagine if you hadn’t worked so hard leading up to the midterm elections, and Donald Trump’s flunkies were in charge of the House right now. He and his GOP allies would be passing one horrible law after another, and the only congressional investigations would be phony ones into Trump’s adversaries. But you didn’t let that happen, and Trump couldn’t make it happen. He can be defeated. He was defeated, soundly, in 2018. He’s far worse off for it now. He can be defeated further, and the deck is soon going to be less in his favor than ever.

The cold hard reality is that Donald Trump was elected by bottom feeders who wanted him to destroy civilized America out of spite, and he’s now trying to finish the job before the clock strikes zero on him. The Mueller report will surface. He will be impeached. Criminal charges will be brought at some level. He will go to prison. He’s guaranteed to lose, whether his broken psychology is capable of understanding it or not. The only question is whether real Americans are willing to step up and hold this country together and keep Trump contained during his current last stand.

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