The real reason Donald Trump was taken to Walter Reed

When Donald Trump was transported via helicopter to Walter Reed early on Friday evening, the White House provided virtually no information about why it was happening. The only official statements up to that point were that Trump had tested positive, and that he was taking the experimental Regeneron treatment. But what specifically triggered the decision to hospitalize him?

Now the Washington Post is reporting that as Trump’s condition declined, he and his team made the decision to transport him while “he was still able to walk” to the helicopter on his own, because they feared a “further decline” in his condition. In other words, it was about optics; they were afraid that if they waited any longer before making the decision to take him to the hospital, he might have ended up being taken to the helicopter in a wheelchair or a gurney.

Since Donald Trump arrived at Walter Reed, he’s been placed on the drug Remdisivir, suggesting that his condition is indeed growing worse. Various leaks from the White House to the media this evening reveal that Trump has a fever, a cough, and some difficulty breathing.

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