Donald Trump placed on Remdesivir at Walter Reed

The Trump White House has released far too little information about Donald Trump’s health since he was transported to Walter Reed Medical center, meaning we’ve been forced to rely on leaks about Trump’s fever and difficulty breathing tonight.

But now the White House has made a formal statement just before midnight, and it’s a mixed bag. The White House Doctor says that Trump is not requiring oxygen, but that he has been placed on the experimental drug Remdesivir. This is notable because this is not a drug you start taking just for kicks. It suggests that either Trump has a bad case of coronavirus, or that his underlying health is so poor, doctors are worried about what even a moderate case of coronavirus will do to him. This is after Trump was given an experimental drug from Regeneron while he was still at the White House; apparently it didn’t do the trick.

It’s also notable that Trump is taking Remdesivir – the coronavirus drug that most scientists have said has promise – and that he’s not taking hydroxychloroquine, the dangerous and unproven drug that he spent months hyping at press conferences. It appears Trump doesn’t want a taste of his own medicine.

Donald Trump claimed months ago to have taken hydroxychloroquine as as preventative measure. But in hindsight it appears this was simply a lie, or he’d be on it again right now. In any case, if Trump does end up being placed on oxygen or a ventilator, then it’ll be time for him to start worrying.

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