Donald Trump and the GOP race each other to the bottom

The integrity of the Republican Party has been greatly diminished over the past decade. Sadly, the “family values” party seems to be G-Rated in the streets yet triple-X rated in the sheets. Ever since Trump took the Oval Office, we have seen new levels of low. There are two major news stories that currently dominate the American news cycle. One is that that Trump is named as an unindicted co-conspirator and is being investigated for illegally taking the White House with the help of Putin. The other is that Trump and his associates are trying to quickly push through a Supreme Court nominee who will vote in Trump’s favor should Trump be indicted for conspiring with Russia. Talk about adding insult to injury.

The GOP is so desperate to force through Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation, it shot itself in the foot in an excess of optimism. You see, when you are looking for the guy who will just blindly follow you above all else, you must scrape the bottom of the ethics barrel.

The GOP thought it was going to take advantage of the majority vote it holds (for now) in the Senate, and fast track this nomination by bypassing all the usual precautions such as doing a thorough background check and following up on all red flags. Many warning signs have been exposed regarding Kavanaugh including an apparent gambling problem, which could leave him vulnerable to blackmail or coercion. The most serious of the allegations against Kavanaugh is the sexual assault claim made by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, a former peer of Kavanaugh from their high school days.

Hell hath no fury like a Republican delayed, and the GOP has not missed a beat when it comes to its counterattack on Dr. Ford. Mike Davis, chief counsel for nominations for Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, has already revealed his bias against Dr. Ford in a couple of ill thought out Tweets he later deleted. One of his Tweets stated, “Unfazed and determined. We will confirm Judge Kavanaugh. #ConfirmKavanaugh,” Therefore, not only is a proper investigation not being done into the attempted rape allegation, the man largely responsible for looking into it is unequivocally on Team Trump.

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