Trump State Department official quits in disgust

This week we saw the abrupt resignations of the Director of National Intelligence, the Deputy Director of National Intelligence, and an Assistant Secretary of State, each under highly suspicious circumstances. Now you can add a State Department officer to the list as well – and there’s no mystery about why this resignation is happening.

State Department Foreign Service officer Chuck Park isn’t just resigning, he’s lambasting Donald Trump in a Washington Post op-ed. Park cites all the reasons you’d expect: Trump’s defense of white supremacists, his campaign centered around “racism, misogyny and wild conspiracy theories,” and his general idiocy. Park says he’s simply tired of being a part of the complacency that’s allowing Trump to continue to remain in office.

Meanwhile, the resignations of DNI Dan Coats and Deputy DNI Sue Gordon have taken a surprise turn. It now appears that it was Coats who convinced Gordon to resign rather than accept the role of Acting Director of National Intelligence. We now suspect Coats and Gordon may have been trying to create a problem for Trump, by no longer allowing him to use their names as cover for his bought-and-paid-for foreign policy.

In addition, Assistant Secretary of State Kimberly Breier has also resigned, reportedly because she wasn’t racist enough} for Stephen Miller’s liking. The Trump regime just keeps circling the drain. You can read Chuck Park’s resignation op-ed here.

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