Yet another key Donald Trump official forced to resign amid controversy – and Stephen Miller is involved

Donald Trump’s White House advisers, officials, and staffers haven’t merely been a who’s who of hapless buffoons and corrupt slimeballs – they’ve been a revolving door of hapless buffoons and corrupt slimeballs. Trump has had far more personnel turnover than anyone thought possible, and the majority the departures have involved some sort of ugly scandal or controversy.

This time it’s Assistant Secretary of State Kimberly Breier being forced to resign from the Trump regime. You may never have heard of her until now, but based on her title alone, it’s clear that she’s been playing a key role in the State Department – to the extent that we still have a State Department in the Trump era. It turns out Trump is forcing her to resign because she’s not racist enough. No, really.

Donald Trump’s white supremacist White House adviser Stephen Miller recently threw a fit about Kimberly Breier because she hadn’t been vocal enough in support of the Trump regime’s immigrant concentration camps and psychotic anti-immigration policies, according to the Washington Post. That’s right, we’ve reached the point where Stephen Miller is just firing anyone he wants.

Sadly, this means that Kimberly Breier probably had some degree of integrity and principles – something that’s been sorely lacking in the Trump administration from the start. It’s also the latest evidence suggesting that Donald Trump really is just sitting in bed all day watching cable news while Stephen Miller runs things.

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