Profiles in cowardice

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It’s bad enough that the media insists on legitimizing Republican radical right-wing criminals, while failing to report the incredible accomplishments of Democrats. But there are also political pundits on the Left still using doomsday spin for clicks. These tactics overwhelm and discourage voters. So, as the 2024 election cycle kicks off, let’s focus on the facts.

Ohio and Alabama Ballots: Alabama and Ohio state laws both have deadlines for certifying the presidential candidate before the Democratic convention August 19-22. But SCOTUS already ruled that states cannot bar a presidential candidate running for national office under the constitutional provision. This issue will be resolved before November 5th.

Trump On Trial: No, criminal trials before the election won’t work in Trump’s favor. The Manhattan DA’s 2016 election interference trial will be shocking and devastating to Trump.

Threats of Violence or Civil War: There might be some lone wolves, but nothing will be shut down. Most J6 insurrectionists have either pleaded guilty or been convicted, including the organizers. The National Guard, the ATF, and the DOJ are overseen by Biden, not an election denying traitor. Attempts to interfere with the peaceful transition of power will be quelled.

GOP Schemes: What a mess. Trump’s attorneys subpoenaed the wrong individual. Trump had MTG and Boebert kill the wrong FISA bill, which passed anyway. The House GOP has drafted joke bills, including Speaker Johnson’s bill to prohibit non-US citizens from voting in federal elections, (which is already illegal), to sow mistrust in our democratic elections and vilify immigrants. Johnson is only one seat away from losing his speakership. The RNC is broke, and Trump has made getting himself re-elected a priority, leaving no resources for national or local GOP elections in swing states. Meanwhile Democrats are breaking fundraising records and ramping up campaigns in battleground states.

Ukraine: Putin’s threat is backfiring. Not only is Russia losing its unprovoked war, (Ukraine could deploy F16 fighter jets by July), but the conflict has also sparked unification and NATO expansion of its members and partnerships. Also, Biden has deftly used the conflict to strengthen the U.S. in the world economy, including the CHIPs Act, and other trade deals.

Border Security: Democrats are already campaigning on the message of how Republicans killed their ownf border security bill.

Israel and Gaza: Along with Ukraine, this is perhaps the stickiest issue. Biden’s two-pronged approach has been to keep the Israeli and Palestinian leaders talking, while showing support for both sides. There is progress, the Palestinian Authority has renewed hopes of being accepted into the UN Security Council and Netanyahu has promised to “Flood Gaza With Aid.” But the message should include the fact that the alternative is an untenable paradox. Republicans want US policy solely in favor of right-wing extremist Netanyahu, with no concessions to Palestinians. At the same time Mike Johnson’s white Christian nationalist ultimate goal is to obliterate Israel. Logic dictates that voters should choose the sane solution offered by Democrats.

Abortion: The GOP overturned Roe v Wade to their own detriment. Only the economy has had more impact on voter turnout. But it has also focused attention on how important access to safe abortion is. Voters now have real-time proof that abortion is the best life-saving treatment for many conditions, while also revealing that Republican men just want to control women.

The only Republican platform is to discourage voters. Democrats have powerful campaign messaging. Keep getting the word out about the Democratic Party’s accomplishments, including the news that Biden just closed the ‘gun show loophole.’

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