Donald Trump hurls profane attack at Chuck Schumer behind the SOTU scenes

Donald Trump is supposedly about to give a State of the Union address about “unity” or “healing old wounds” or whatever talking points his handlers are leaking at any given moment. But Trump seemed to call that theme into question when he attacked Chuck Schumer on Twitter this morning. Now, in a private pre-SOTU meeting, Trump just had a profane meltdown about Schumer.

Trump met privately with media leaders today, and he promptly began attacking various prominent Democrats and Republicans in vicious fashion. He called Joe Biden “dumb.” He made fun of the late John McCain over his book sales. Then he called Chuck Schumer a “nasty son of a bitch.”

This profane revelation is coming by way of the New York Times and MSNBC, so as eye popping as it sounds, it all but definitely really happened. It’s not clear if Trump mistakenly thought such a remark in that kind of meeting wouldn’t leak, or if he intended to get this remark out there publicly, or if he’s too far gone to understand what he’s saying.

In any case, it’s clear that Donald Trump is in an angry, bitter, frustrated, and profane mood. We’ll see if he’s trying to get it out of his system now before he ends up giving a subdued speech, or if he’s so far over the edge, he’s about to set his podium on fire and start punching himself in the face. Stay tuned. Better, don’t stay tuned, and wait for the Stacey Abrams rebuttal speech instead.