Donald Trump sniffs his way though idiotic early portions of his State of the Union address

Donald Trump’s State of the Union address is still in its early stages, and thus far he appears to be trying to stick to his subdued script, despite scattered reports that he punched up the speech with a bunch of hateful rhetoric at the last minute. But one thing is already clear: Trump is sniffing like a coked up nervous wreck.

Trump hasn’t said anything noteworthy yet, as he’s still lifelessly reading a bunch of generic faux-patriotic nonsense off the teleprompter. But his near-constant sniffing is already giving away that he’s… how can we say this… not at his best.

There has long been unsettled debate as to whether Donald Trump’s periodic sniffing fits are merely a nervous habit, or if they’re a result of putting something up his nose. Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean, a medical doctor, once stated that Trump was showing all the signs of being high on cocaine during these incidents. Some people associated with the Apprentice have publicly accused Trump of crushing Adderall and sniffing it.

In any case, Donald Trump isn’t off to the best start. He’s now moved on from reciting his faux patriotic remarks, and he’s instead listing off one lie about his own accomplishments after another. The Republican cowards in the House chamber are applauding every one of his lies, but people watching at home know better; Trump’s approval rating is in the toilet.