“Pro-life” my ass

Let’s get something straight here. Republicans aren’t pro-life. If they were pro-life they would be against the death penalty, in favor of social welfare, opposed to war, against gun ownership, alarmed and galvanized by global climate change and in favor of vaccinations. If Republicans were pro-life then black lives would matter to them and they would welcome Afghan refugees into their homes. Republicans aren’t pro-life, they’re anti-woman.

Claiming to be pro-life is nothing more than a convenient way for the venal cowards known as Republicans to pretend as if they actually care about something. It’s their moral get-out-of-jail-free card and it’s cheap. The unborn make no economic demands, they don’t have to be subsidized and they require no actual work. They are expedient symbols used to manipulate people, nothing more.

Once the unborn become the actual born, the non-breathers actually start to breathe the air, Republicans want nothing to do with them, particularly if the mother is poor. You see, depriving a woman of her right to choose is bad enough all by itself, but it’s at its worst when the woman is poor.

Rich women have choices. They can hire nannies and chauffeurs and tutors and cooks. They can raise a dozen kids without ever having to lift a finger. The poor are the ones who suffer the most when the birth of a child is thrust upon them, and Republicans wouldn’t cross the street to help them. They certainly wouldn’t invite them to their parties. Oh, and don’t kid yourself. Whenever rich, Republican women want abortions they find a safe and easy way to do it, even the ones who live in Texas. Because when you have money everything is available to you in America, even in Texas.

Republicans love to hide behind God and the rhetoric of Donald Trump, two pro-abortionists. Oh, you didn’t know? That’s right, there’s credible evidence that Donald Trump has paid for no less than eight abortions. It’s well known that Trump doesn’t use condoms, preferring instead abortions and non-disclosure agreements.

And God is the biggest abortionist on the planet. God aborts (conservatively) about 38,000 babies every single day of the week. Sundays too. In fact, many millions of women have already had abortions across the planet thanks to God and they don’t even know about it. God arranges it through a process euphemistically known as a miscarriage. But it’s still abortion whatever you call it, pure and simple.

And speaking of God, Republicans have a holy book called the Bible. According to them it’s the Inerrant Word of God. That is to say, you cannot dispute anything in it. It’s perfect. The Bible has lots to say about caring for widows and orphans and the poor and the sick and the lame and prisoners and so on, people Republicans don’t give a crap about. The Bible doesn’t have much to say about the unborn, however. It has little to say about abortions, the number one topic Republicans always bring up to prove how holy and righteous and pure and good they are.

Like I said, Republicans aren’t pro-life, they’re anti-woman. They hate women. Even Republican women hate women. That’s why they wanted to put Hillary Clinton in jail. It’s why they despise strong women with strong opinions, women like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Greta Thunberg and Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris. Republicans hate those women and pretty much let their male counterparts off the hook. The very idea that they’re pro-life and are ever-so-righteous because of it is nothing more then a joke.


So don’t be fooled. Republicans care about two things and two things only. Money and power. Everything else is a diversion intended to give them a phony moral platform to stand on so they can grab more money and get more votes and get more and more powerful and more and more rich. They aren’t righteous, they are evil. They are the worst kind of evil, the kind of evil that pretends to actually care. They don’t care, and they prove they don’t care, not with their words but with their actions, and they prove it every single day of the week. Sundays too. And, as ever, ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, comrades and friends, stay safe.

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