Donald Trump adviser Sam Nunberg says he’s going to prison in Trump-Russia scandal

Sam Nunberg, Donald Trump’s on-again off-again adviser going back several years, is going to prison in the Trump-Russia scandal. How do we know this? Nunberg just went on television and announced it to the entire world. In an unprecedented on-air meltdown which began today on MSNBC and then later continued on CNN, Nunberg revealed that he’s going to prison, and then revealed why he’s going to prison.

Nunberg’s pair of interviews were frantic and often self-contradictory, full of half sentences that didn’t go together, so various observers are coming away with different sets of conclusions. Our takeaway is this: Nunberg received a grand jury subpoena from Robert Mueller which demanded that he turn over all written communications with Donald Trump and several Trump advisers. Nunberg is refusing to honor the subpoena, even though he thinks (or knows) he’s going to be arrested for it. Nunberg then admitted that he thinks Trump is guilty in the Trump-Russia scandal, before backtracking.

Nunberg also seemed to imply that his friend Roger Stone is guilty, while making clear that he’s refusing to turn over evidence against Stone due to their friendship. Somewhere in there Nunberg revealed that Mueller has a grand jury going against Stone and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Nunberg also claimed that Carter Page was guilty of colluding with Russia, before seeming to contradict himself in the same sentence. Nunberg also made confusing statements that seemed to imply Steve Bannon either has evidence of Trump’s guilt, or that Bannon is guilty of something.

In any case, unless Sam Nunberg very quickly changes his mind about the grand jury subpoena, look for Robert Mueller to have him arrested. Once Nunberg is in prison, we’ll see if he’s truly willing to stay there in order to protect Trump and Stone, or if he wises up and cuts a plea deal. Former Trump advisers Michael Flynn, George Papadopoulos, and Rick Gates have already cut plea deals against Trump and will still serve prison time anyway. Paul Manafort is awaiting trial. It now looks like Roger Stone will be indicted and arrested before much longer.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report