New bombshell reveals Jared Kushner is going to prison for a long, long time unless he flips on Trump

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This can’t be coincidence. Just one day after Donald Trump sat back and allowed his Chief of Staff John Kelly to revoke Jared Kushner’s temporary security clearance, thus leaving Kushner more or less out of a job, we’re now seeing a new bombshell story which points to Kushner landing in prison for a long, long time. But did the White House dump Kushner because this story was coming out, or is it the other way around?

The big story this evening is that Kushner, whose real estate holdings are deeply in debt, was having White House meetings with investors who would then provide him with major loans. According to the New York Times, one of these loans was for $325 million (link). All that Robert Mueller has to do is connect these loans to any sort of political favors, and that’s the ballgame. It also provides new context for Kushner’s back to back meetings with the Russian Ambassador and the head of a Russian bank during the transition period. So why is this coming out right now?

There are two trains of thought here. One is that the White House got wind that this story was about to hit the media, realized that Kushner was about to become an even more untenable liability, and decided to cut bait by revoking his temporary security clearance, in the hope that he would resign. The other train of thought is that Donald Trump thinks Kushner is going to cut a plea deal, and so he’s trying to punish Kushner by having his White House leak these kinds of ugly stories about him.

Either way, Special Counsel Robert Mueller likely already knew all about these loans long before they hit the headlines today. Jared Kushner is going to prison for a very long time for corruption, unless he cuts a deal and turns over compelling evidence against Donald Trump. Such a deal now seems almost inevitable, and Trump’s own spiteful moves against Kushner may end up ensuring that it happens.

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