President Biden just outfoxed Donald Trump

We have the most pro-union president in modern history. That’s the slogan we have going into 2024 that we need to hit over and over again – because it’s true – and it was true even before President Biden flew to Detroit on Tuesday to stand on the picket lines side by side with auto workers of the UAW, honoring an invitation to join them, and praised the workers for saving the auto industry back in 2008. There’s a reason the UAW endorsed Joe Biden for president months ago – the earliest that they’ve ever endorsed a presidential candidate in an election – and that’s because he’s gotten results: securing the benefits of railroad workers, averting a strike with UPS and now bringing Detroit’s big three automakers to the table.

There was some noise in the media that Donald Trump was going to meet with UAW workers in Detroit while skipping out on the second presidential debate last week, and some of us fretted that the former guy would beat President Biden to the punch. Not only did President Biden appear before welcome crowds, but Trump was never formally invited, so he’ll be making an appearance in some red county nowhere near the picket lines, where he plans to speak to non-members and some former UAW members, meaning he can’t even get his grifts to land effectively nowadays.