President Biden just landed one heck of a punch

President Biden’s moves on Thursday – which ensure that all federal employees and most corporate employees will soon be vaccinated from COVID – could end up single handedly ending the pandemic as we know it in this country. It’s precisely the bold, decisive leadership we need right now.

It’s also brought about a remarkable amount of whining from the other side. At various points on Thursday evening, “Dictator Biden” and “King Biden” were trending on Twitter, as right wingers complained that Biden was exceeding his authority when it came to vaccinations.

This is notable for two reasons. First of all, Biden will very likely win any court challenges to this new rule. Unlike the former guy, Biden has an army of competent legal experts running his administration who know precisely how to craft a rule such that it’ll withstand legal scrutiny. Polls show that Biden also has a strong majority of public support for this move.

The second reason this is notable: I always like to point out that in politics, if you’re whining, you’re losing. More specifically, if you’re whining about how the other side is “getting away with it all,” then you’re telling voters in the middle that the other side is powerful and successful, and that your side is weak and powerless. Far too often, liberal activists end up whining their way to defeat. But now it’s the right wing activists who are whining loudly, and informing voters in the middle that Biden is powerful and successful, and that the Republicans are too weak to stop him.

Not only has President Biden made the right move for the country, he’s also made the right move politically. It can be all too rare that a politician gets to do both with the same big swing. Yet here we are. The more you hear the other side whining about Biden’s moves, the more you can take it as a sign that Biden is winning.

Republican Governors will try to flex their muscles in response to Biden’s move, because they understand they can’t afford to just whine about him. But most of them don’t have any muscles, and their legal challenges will fall flat, leaving them looking ineffective as Biden’s new rules swiftly go into effect. Even as right wing activists spend the next year whining instead of fighting, we have an opportunity to put in the work required to win the 2022 midterms.

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