President Biden sticks it to Fox News

Oh, the sweet joy of winning. This has been quite a week, my friends. So much News! So many sweet things to savor. Governor Newsom is ahead in the polls, although all that means is we must continue our work to keep him ahead.

AG Garland is launching a lawsuit against Texas and the vile abortion law. And now, we have President Biden himself. What a speech he gave today. And though all of it was quite good, there is one key aspect I would like to focus on.

Biden spoke of COVID and new vaccine mandates for large-size companies. That is all well and good and I, along with, I suspect many others, are thrilled about this. But I want to make sure one little snippet doesn’t get lost in the vast amount of news.

That is what our President said about Fox News. Biden was talking about how some companies already require vaccines or regular COVID tests. And he named a few of them, finishing with “even Fox News.”

One can imagine the hapless frowns appearing on the faces of lying Fox Pundits everywhere. This was a swipe at Fox, and it was done honestly, although MAGA surely will not be glad to hear the agents of death at Fox BELIEVE COVID is real.

And believe me, MAGA was watching. Many of them would not be able to resist. How do I know this? Because I see them chattering loudly and angrily after EVERY Biden speech. So, it stands to reason they would not miss this one.

Fox is such an evil and corrupt entity that it was glorious to see their hypocrisy thrown back in their face. What will Fox do now? They can’t GET ANGRY with Biden on-air when their employer requires the same thing. Or maybe they can, as their dishonesty knows no bounds.

But this makes things that much harder for the hate network, particularly “human manure-spreader” Tucker Carlson. (Thanks to Jim Acosta for that great Tucker nickname.) And good luck to Fox trying to explain this one.

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