President Biden has to get this one done

Republicans can lie, cheat, and steal, yet people continue to elect them to office. Democrats, on the other hand, must “prove” something to voters before securing their votes. Most voters do not really understand how things work in Washington. Passing legislation requires compromise. When Congress is as divided as it is these days, that becomes even more difficult. With the Midterm elections looming, Democrats must find a way to pass legislation benefitting the American people to retain their majority. Republicans will never pass similar legislation, yet they seem to get a free ride into office. It is puzzling to say the least.

Upon entering office, President Joe Biden voiced big ideas for how he planned to boost economic growth that would simultaneously offer direct benefits to some Americans. He went in with a Democratic majority, albeit slight, but most thought he would have no trouble getting his agenda passed. This thought, of course, could not foresee the pushback he would get from both progressive and centrist Democrats, with one group thinking his plans too bold while the others thought they were not enough. Biden has tried to move forward but seemed thwarted at every turn. Now, it appears that at least some of the relief promised to the people will get through while others will not.

Regardless of what is included and what gets left out, someone will be unhappy. That is natural. As originally said by Poet John Lydgate and adapted by President Abraham Lincoln: “You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.” That saying is true, but people must also look to the intent behind the drive to get any of this legislation passed. Most will not, because they will focus on the things they will not get rather than being grateful for the things that come to pass. People will completely overlook the fact that Democrats are at least trying to do something for the people. It is patently unfair to blame them for failing. No one will point at Joe Manchin — who has agreed to a tax increase to pay for new programs — or Krysten Sinema, who steadfastly refuses to agree to tax increases, though recent reports indicate that she may be changing her stance.

The point is that passing these types of laws take compromise — compromise on the part of all members of the House — and Democrats must make this happen. They will not remember that Republicans typically refuse to go along with anything that benefits the American people, but Democrats may suffer as a result when Midterms roll around. If we can all keep our focus on what Democrats are trying to accomplish, we may well see that they are the party to keep in majority. They will continue to work on these issues to try to get their colleagues to agree while Republicans will merely throw these plans in the trash.

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