President Biden has found the workaround that’s finally going to finish off Louis DeJoy

It’s been something of a difficult week – for the members of #DoSomething social media. They rode on a wave of anxiety over the time it took to get the Democrats’ infrastructure deals passed and the delusion that the DOJ wasn’t actively doing anything – some even going so far as to craft the idiotic narrative that Merrick Garland is secretly working for Donald Trump and/or the GOP despite the latter doing just about everything possible to delay his confirmation vote.

Now, Steve Bannon has been indicted (a move most of them said would never happen, the QAnon Shaman has been sentenced to four years in prison (which they also said would never happen), the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal and Build Back Better passed (which they also said would never happen), and there’s been DOJ crackdowns on the sham Republican election audits.

Now, yet another big step is about to happen that the doomsayers were predicting would never happen: President Biden has just replaced two officials of the US Postal Services’ Governing Board – allies of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, with two former officials. This would give the votes needed to finally replace DeJoy who did all in his power to subvert the 2020 election in Donald Trump’s favor. While this was a high priority of many Biden supporters from the beginning, President Biden doesn’t have the authority to fire DeJoy directly – but this is a critical step in the right direction towards making it happen.


The moral of the story is that while it’s rather easy for right-wingers like the Trump administration to do damage, there’s rarely ever a quick way to clean up the mess they’ve left behind and very few magical solutions to take care of it immediately. This is why it’s pivotal to keep these people away from power in the first place in each and every election.

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