Ted Cruz just got spanked by Liz Cheney

Ted Cruz tries. He tries hard to be tough and a cool dude. This seems very important to him. Sadly, all his efforts do not work. They especially do not work against Liz Cheney. Cruz and Cheney had a bit of a war of words this week. Ted started it — of course.

Chatting with Fox non-news and non-pundit Sean Hannity, Cruz attempted to go after Cheney. Explaining that in his opinion, Trump had broken Cheney, Cruz accused her of becoming a Democrat. Cruz seemed to think he’d scored a victory here. Liz, however, was not amused. And she was quick to respond. “Trump broke Ted Cruz,” she retorted.
“A real man would be defending his wife. and his father, and the Constitution.”

Ouch! But this statement is profoundly true, and Ted Cruz must know that somewhere in the back of his silly mind. One cannot forget Trump’s utter repulsive comments and actions regarding both the father and the wife of Cruz. No “man” would ever cower in fear toward one who so disrespected his family.


The fact that Ted did do just that does indeed show that contrary to what Mr. Cruz insists on saying, it is he who was broken. It is he who is sad to watch. And it is Ted Cruz who will never again have the respect of almost anyone.

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