President Biden corners Marjorie Taylor Greene


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It’s extremely rare when we see President Biden make fun of Republicans. That’s because our president is far too busy working for the American people to indulge in that kind of thing. But occasionally, he does. And sometimes, when he does, we, the people, laugh alongside him because our president has, among his other wonderful traits, an incredible sense of humor.

And this week, Biden decided to go after a certain republican. Who is it? I will give you a few hints. She’s not very bright. She believes in Jewish space lasers. And she is a pathological liar. If you guessed Marjorie Taylor Greene, you are indeed correct.

So what did Biden say? Allow me to set the stage. Biden was in Baltimore, Maryland, making a speech when Greene’s name came up. Greene had blamed president Biden in a tweet for causing the death of two children who died from fentanyl poisoning. Greene blamed Biden for “refusing to secure our borders.”

However, there is a problem with that “logic.” These two boys died tragically during TRUMP’s time in office. Biden had not even become the president yet. And Biden said so. “The interesting thing,” Biden said, “is that fentanyl they took came during the last administration.”

And he added this: “a little bit more of Marjorie Taylor Greene and a few more, and you’re gonna have a lot of republicans running our way.”

“Isn’t she amazing?” Biden declared to much laughter.

This is not the first time Biden has called Greene out. In Virginia recently, he said this: “Remember when Marjorie Taylor Greene was yelling Liar, Liar, Biden’s a liar,” he said, referring to her disgraceful behavior at his state of the union.

But it’s all true. And Biden is doing to Greene precisely what he should do. He’s making her the face of the Republican party. The face of the GOP is that of a liar — liar, liar, which I think is a most suitable nickname for the insane Greene.


This, of course, is republicans’ worst nightmare — that the American people equate in their minds, republicans with Greene — and see Greene as the GOP leader. And that appears to be precisely what’s happening.



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