President Biden clears the decks

President Biden has executed more than 40 executive orders to date, with the most recent dealing with the immigration crisis created by the last administration. While President Biden had hoped to pass coronavirus relief in a bipartisan manner, he is prepared to move forward with or without Republican involvement. In virtually every move he makes, President Biden is keeping his promises to the American people. Similarly, cabinet members are forging ahead with plans that best benefit American institutions and that undo the many messes left by the last administration.

Politico reported that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has removed members from the Pentagon’s advisory boards who were installed at the last minute by the former administration, board members who are loyalists and operatives of Trump. Biden’s administration obviously does not need those people on boards that he now oversees, as their loyalties remain with Trump. Seeing that they would become problems, Austin fired several (effective February 16) and directed an immediate suspension of all committee operations to “conduct a zero-based review” of 42 committees.

This “cleansing,” if you will, includes members appointed by Chris Miller, who was acting defense secretary. Austin had already stopped processing new members, including Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie, both known Trump loyalists. He also terminated Kash Patel, who was Miller’s chief of staff, Anthony Tata—who called President Obama a terrorist on Twitter—and Scott O’Grady, the former pilot who spread false claims about the election. They were rightfully shown the door. It was past time for Trump to stop appointing people, but he was determined to leave his stain on government, including thwarting the renaming of bases named for Confederates when he put four people on that board. They, too, are on their way out.

President Biden’s administration is taking no crap from Republicans. Politico also reported that because of President Biden’s sweeping executive orders, which all fulfill campaign promises made to the American people, President Biden is now ready to forge ahead with his COVID bill whether Republicans want to get on board or not. Jim Clyburn reportedly told Biden to move forward with his plans, and if the Republicans refuse to go along, “use [your] executive powers and do it. And let them take you to court.” Republicans fail to understand they are no longer in power and that Democrats can move without them. In this same vein, Democrats need to use that power and force Republicans to reorganize Congress.

According to the Hill, Lindsay Graham is trying to hold up Merrick Garland’s appointment as attorney general because Graham is still briefly chairman of the senate judiciary committee. That needs to change. Republicans already denied Garland a position on the Supreme Court in 2016, and they need to face the fact now that they are no longer in power. Enough is enough. Republicans need to stand down and allow the party in leadership govern. They did a horrible job over the past four years, and the American people voted for, want, and deserve a change.

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