Everyone piles on after Donald Trump has unhinged “poor me” moment

Defeated and depressed, Donald Trump now sounds like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh, if Eeyore were a racist traitor illegally occupying the White House. Trump appeared to bottom out today, tweeting “I am all alone (poor me)” – and he didn’t seem to mean it sarcastically. No one was about to let the moment go unnoticed.

Various people on Twitter compared Donald Trump’s self-centered pity party to the uplifting Christmas Eve message delivered by President Obama. One respondent to Trump quipped “Five kids and grandkids and none want to spend Christmas Eve with you. Sad.” Another mocked his failed border wall con game: “So Why don’t you run down to Mexico and grab that check since you have some free time.”

Another hit the nail on the head: “How is anyone suppose to take you seriously when you whine like a child and act like a lunatic.”

Strangely, a few hours after Trump tweeted “poor me” and then vanished from social media, he came back and suddenly claimed that he had just signed off on a contract to build a 115 mile stretch of the wall, claiming that “Billions of Dollars, & lives, will be saved!.” It’s not clear if Trump actually intended to imply that his wall would save billions of lives, or if he was simply referring to an undetermined number of lives.

In any case, Donald Trump is now bottoming out on a level we haven’t previously seen. His latest tweets are so off the wall, they make his previous tweets look normal-ish in comparison. As Trump circles the drain and finds himself inching closer to ouster and prison, his behavior continues to grow more unnerving, and just plain weirder.

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