Donald Trump’s “people are dropping off like flies” meltdown isn’t exactly going over well

Donald Trump’s negligence has gotten tens of thousands of Americans killed, and yet he’s still only worried about how the death toll is impacting him. In particular, Trump is upset with conservative pundit Matt Drudge from the Drudge Report, who dared to accurately report that the coronavirus death toll is still rising.

Not only is Trump stopping in the middle of a pandemic to have a meltdown about Drudge, he’s chosen an incredibly tone-deaf phrase in the process:


That’s right, the President of the United States just tweeted “people are dropping off like flies” in the middle of a deadly pandemic. That’s bad enough on its face. Worse, while he’s referring to the death toll, he appears to be merely complaining that his own supporters in the media are “dropping off like flies” by accurately reporting the death toll and making him look bad.

This is beyond the pale even for Donald Trump. What kind of idiot President of the United States says “people are dropping off like flies” in any context, when this many Americans are dying? And how much of a narcissistic sociopath does he have to be, to think that the death toll is all about him?

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