Donald Trump picked the wrong day to piss off the Pentagon

This morning the House impeachment inquiry announced that it had sent subpoenas to the Department of Defense, demanding that all documents and evidence relating to Donald Trump’s Ukraine whistleblower scandal be turned over. The new Secretary of Defense Mark Esper has only been there five minutes, so it may be up to individual Pentagon officials to decide whether to follow the law and comply with the subpoena, or to violate the law by doing what Trump and Esper ask them to do.

In that regard, Donald Trump sure picked the wrong day to pull his Syria-Turkey stunt. We’re already seeing national security people leaking ugly details about Trump’s stunt left and right, and while it’s not clear if these leakers are specifically in the Department of Defense, it does offer a general sense of how the Pentagon feels about what Trump is doing today.

So yeah, Trump couldn’t have picked a better day to convince the folks inside the Pentagon that he’s a mentally unfit immediate threat to national security, than on the day the Pentagon received a subpoena to turn over evidence proving that Trump used the threat of withholding military aid to extort a foreign country into helping him rig the 2020 election.

Our money is on at least some Department of Defense officials deciding to go ahead and give the House impeachment inquiry everything it needs to take Donald Trump down. It’s the right and necessary thing to do – and Trump just gave the Pentagon extra motivation today to make a point of helping to finish him off.

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