Vladimir Putin just signaled that Donald Trump is finished

Donald Trump has spent his entire illegitimate presidency doing the bidding of Russian President Vladimir Putin. As things have gotten uglier for Trump and he’s needed wins more than ever, he’s consistently decided to take losses instead – because those losses were wins for Putin. The thing is, eventually an asset is all used up, and it comes time to milk the asset for whatever is left before burning him, which Putin just did.

At the end of a day when Donald Trump’s presidency is already burning to the ground due to his decision to pull out of northern Syria and hand victories to Turkey and ISIS while getting the Kurds murdered, Trump is now embarking on another disastrous plan. According to a letter published by the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Trump is preparing to pull the United States out of the Open Skies treaty, which has long given the U.S. and Europe the ability to keep tabs on Russia’s military aggression.

There are no words for how disastrous this would be for the U.S. and its allies, or how historic of a victory it would be for Vladimir Putin. It’s also a completely suicidal move for Donald Trump’s presidency, because there’s no possible way Republican Senators can sit back and let something this insane happen, or it’ll cost them their seats when they’re up for election.

Donald Trump is massively accelerating the end of his presidency by trying to pull out of Open Skies. The only reason for him to do this, knowing full well that New York State is going to indict and arrest him as soon as he’s out of office, is if Vladimir Putin has ordered him to throw everything away like this. And the only reason for Putin to give that order is if he’s decided that Trump is finished anyway, and that he’s going to try to get one last favor out of Trump – even though it’ll finish Trump off.

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