Donald Trump just lost big time in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court

After a judge dismissed Donald Trump’s Pennsylvania election case with prejudice over the weekend and basically told him to go shove it, you’d think Trump and Rudy Giuliani would finally take a hint and give up. But they just keep finding new ways to lose.

Today the Pennsylvania Supreme Court denied Trump’s appeal to get Philadelphia ballots thrown out. Not only did this shut down Trump’s current case, it also reversed an earlier lower court ruling that Trump had won. That’s right, even as Trump has lost dozens of court rulings related to the election, he’d only won two minor rulings along the way – and now he’s back down to having only won one minor ruling.

Giuliani keeps openly fantasizing about getting this all in front of the United States Supreme Court. That would also fail, because when you have literally no case, you automatically lose, even if the judges like you better. But it’s worth noting that the U.S. Supreme Court declined to take up any of Trump’s cases today. With certification deadlines looming, he’s running out of time. All of this had literally zero chance of magically overturning the election result, but it’s going even more humiliatingly for Trump than even we were expecting.

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