Paul Gosar just unwittingly handed us a huge gift

House Democrats have censured Paul Gosar and removed him from committees, in response to the video he posted of himself violently attacking President Biden and Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. This is the most aggressive move that House Democrats were allowed to make with a simple majority vote.

With the exceptions of Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney, no House Republicans voted to censure Gosar. For that matter, House Republicans refused to help expel Gosar, which would have required a two-thirds vote. So even though we’re stuck with Gosar (at least until he does something even worse), the good news is that we can now use him against other House Republicans.

In every 2022 race where an incumbent House Republican is seeking reelection in a swing district, we’re going to hammer that incumbent with questions about why he or she refused to support even so much as censuring a violent maniac like Gosar, let alone expelling Gosar.


The Democratic Party will no doubt do its best to use this Gosar messaging in House races that are flippable in the midterms. But the tactic will only work if we, the liberal activists, use our voices to amplify that messaging. Are you ready to fight and win?

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